Tears and Disrespect

Charlie Cox, Zawe Ashton, Tom Hiddleston, ‘Betrayal’, London – Marc Brenner

Hi Family!

Today we talk about phones in the theater, every technician and actor’s worst nightmare. What happens when a phone on Broadway creates a riot?

Emotions run high on stage, especially in a show like Betrayal. A 7 year romance and affair told in reverse. Tensions and stakes are high, and the show, like an emotional roller coaster. The actor and actress in the final moment of tension, audience holding their breath seeing information that they knew, finally being acted upon by all on stage. Silence, bodies embracing, shaking, RIIINNGGG!!!! Silence.


A tear slips form actor, Tom Hiddleston’s eye. The illusion of the show broken. The poise the actors hold gone. The emotion too real the actors slip, the emotion no long apart of the character, they feel the emotion. Chaos ensues. The audience starts rioting, they start yelling and demand the phone to be found and the person to be removed from the theater. The magic of another world, disappears and is lost the experience ruined.

Phones are a way of life. We rely on them to stay connected and engaged in life. This begs the question, have phones ruined us being able to experience true, raw emotion? People feel for each other and care, until, DING! something more important comes up. I see this happen in day to day life but no one cares, we get it, we wright ourselves off or our problems off as not important. This is the biggest lie you can tell yourself. You matter. your problems matter. Put down the phone and care about each other, nothing is more important than your fellow man. This is what theater continues to teach us as humans, why we continue to go see shows, we crave emotional experience. Do not let your phone ruin the present moment.

You are Loved


For more on this story here is the link of where I first read about it in the Chicago Tribune.

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