It must be nice…

“It must be nice, it must be nice……to have Washingtons by your side”- Wiz Kahlifa The Hamilton Mix Tape Listen to the song here Hi Family! “So what do you want to do?” This is a standard question for any strager you meet, you want to know what they want to do or what theyContinue reading “It must be nice…”

Tears and Disrespect

Hi Family! Today we talk about phones in the theater, every technician and actor’s worst nightmare. What happens when a phone on Broadway creates a riot? Emotions run high on stage, especially in a show like Betrayal. A 7 year romance and affair told in reverse. Tensions and stakes are high, and the show, likeContinue reading “Tears and Disrespect”

“Yo, Who the F is This?”

-Hamilton Hi Family! I am very excited to start this blog and have you along for the journey! I am a theater technician perusing a BA. I focus on scenic carpentry, scenic design, scenic painting, stage management, and USITT hand drafting. I like being a jack of all trades and master of none, I LOVEContinue reading ““Yo, Who the F is This?””

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