Tea or Coffee

Green Rom of Godspell at MSU Denver 2019. From left: Phineas (Wardrobe crew), Z (Spot operator), Nate (props crew), Tray (head of Props)

Hi Family!

The great debate in the world, how do you like your energy? In beans or in leaves? I asked technitions and actors this question and it was exactly how I expected.

Actors love tea. They love it with milk and honey and hot. There was only the occasional actor that preferred coffee but they will not drink it on a show week because it drys their throats out. The 3 of 64 actors who drank coffee liked a lot of creamer and did not drink it black. They all drank on average 2 cups of tea a day, 3 during a show week.

Technicians on the other hand, they drink black sludge coffee and energy drinks. There are two people of 36 that I asked who drink tea, I am one of them. They don’t mind a hot tea for enjoyment but most people I asked drink 4 cups of coffee and 2 energy drinks by 10 am, they typically are up at 6 am. They are looking for something that will keep them going without needing a lot of food. Technicians also spend on average $200 at Starbucks a month.

I asked a friend, Adam why he and other actors enjoy tea so much he responded, “Actors are more neoclassical, and prefer the aesthetic of old age things such as tea.” Theater at this time was adopted from Paris and of the idea that it had to have 3 points. It had to take place in a real place, good had to win and the actions had to match the age and situation of the character, a 17 year old boy was played by a 17 year old boy and he was to act like it not a dramatic war hero that everything worked out for perfectly.

This also goes along with the theory that people who are in high school and college now are bringing back trends of physical things such as Polaroids and vinyl. There is so much technology today that people miss the physical things and physical ways to connect with people, this how they are doing it. We are reconnecting by having things, experiences, that cannot be duplicated.

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