Why Do You…


In a previous post I received a question from Dallice that I am often asked when I explain the hardship of my job. He question was “… why would you want to be one [theater technician] given the circumstances?” The circumstance she is referring to, can be found in my previous post called It Must Be Nice…. I love that I have the opportunity to change jobs a minimum every 6 weeks. I never get board, there is no rhythm to get use to, every show is different. Some people need a rhythm and that’s great but I would pull my hair out if I had to do the same thing every day!

There is no job security being a stage manager or a theater technician unless you are in a union such as IATSE, International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees or AEA, Actors’ Equity Association. Even then, you are put onto a call list until you prove you can show up on time and do quality work, then you move up in the ranking. However, working freelance, can provide more creative opportunities, but you will not get paid as well.

The second question I received on this post was also from Dallice, “What makes it so appealing to you that you are able to overlook its faults?” The ability to turn black ink on a crisp white page into a 15 foot set that people can watch and intact with is what drives me. This job is not for the money, when I say that I really mean it, most people work two even three jobs when they work in theater. We do it because it is what set out souls on fire and it not only gives us a way to inspire others but inspire ourselves.

You Are Loved!


Published by Shay Goddard

College Theater technician enjoying life and rolling with the punches. I ride a razor scooter to get around and listen to 80's music while salsa dancing in my kitchen.

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