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“It must be nice, it must be nice……to have Washingtons by your side”- Wiz Kahlifa

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“So what do you want to do?” This is a standard question for any strager you meet, you want to know what they want to do or what they do for work. I was riding the RTD home from school when I sat next to a woman whom I had a lovely conversation with, at first but turned interesting quickly due to her assumptions.

I told her I wanted to work backstage at theaters and move to New York in the next 5 years. She smiled and said, “Oh that should be easy, everyone wants to be an actor, no one wants to do the dirty work.” I smiled at this woman loving that she recognized this, most people just smile and nod politely. She is wrong on how easy it is to get any job as a theater technician.

Job searching for theater techs is hard, you have to plan almost 2 years out if you want to keep steadily employed. Once we finish a job, we get fired essentially. Very rarely do you get to stay in a theater working on future projects.

Lets play a game. Imagine finding a new job every 6 weeks. If you said “hell no!” then you’re out. Most technician gigs with the exception of stage management, and directing jobs can be up to 8 or 9 weeks. Other jobs my me as short as two weeks such as set and lighting design.

Ok, now that you are willing to do that, are you willing to relocate? No? then you should probably do this as a side gig and have another job as a sole source of income. Most jobs in theater won’t be close to you, or require you to travel in sleeper buses with a touring show. tour shows are my goal, you don’t pay for rent and get paid while you live on the go. You also get to travel to amazing places all over the country and world if you are extremely lucky.

I asked Brian Kelly, a professor at MSU Denver, out of how many applications did you get responses from, he said 1 out of every 23 resumes he sent he received a response. I then asked out of those how many were a hire acceptance letter he said 1 or 2. he said that he usually sends 60-70 resumes while looking for jobs.

Job searching is difficult for everyone. We all know the struggle, I love job searching and the fact that I can change my job and do something new every 6 weeks. It is a big part of why I chose to do this as my career.

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Published by Shay Goddard

College Theater technician enjoying life and rolling with the punches. I ride a razor scooter to get around and listen to 80's music while salsa dancing in my kitchen.

3 thoughts on “It must be nice…

  1. This was very interesting to read about Shay, I had never thought about the job security of theater techs. It sounds really interesting though. With the way this job is, would you be doing a reverse retirement type of lifestyle? Thanks for sharing! – Abby Poyner


    1. I still want to retire by 50 like most Americans hope. I am planning for the future financially with a financial advisor. The only difference in my lifestyle that I hope to achieve is that I will not have to pay for rent every now and then.


  2. Hi Shay! One thing that stood out to me about this article is that you said it’s hard to get and keep jobs as a theater technician. I don’t know much about the profession, so my question is why would you want to be one given the circumstances? What makes it so appealing to you that you are able to overlook its faults? I find this whole idea to be really interesting. 🙂


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